The White Australia Policy Essay

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The White Australia Policy was reformed do to a rise in the new Post WWII educated class. Australia’s Whites Only policy was a continuation of the colonial era mindset that the white race was the dominant race and the only ones fit to rule. After WWII, those social-Darwinists who followed in the footsteps of the founders of the Commonwealth, the Old Guard, were slowly pushed aside by a new equality minded generation bent on reform. This New Guard was the product of the modern, liberal, post-WWII university system. This rising, reformist, educated class became the power behind the dissolution of the White Australia immigration policy, also known as the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901.

Australia’s Whites Only policy began when the country became a Commonwealth of Britain in 1901, with the passage of the Immigration Restriction Act. The purpose of the IRA was to keep Australia the bastion of the white race in Asia, and restrict entry to white British Europeans only. Migration was necessary to Australia’s future; as it had been in America, they desperately needed to populate the land. However, since too few of the coveted Britons were migrating south, the law was amended to include white Europeans. In addition to tightening the regulations the Immigration Restriction Act granted immigration officers the power to reject all non-white’s entry requests, particularly Asians, as well as deport them.

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