What Does Coffee Become The Problem? Essay

1977 Words Oct 27th, 2016 8 Pages
How to survive college: Drink coffee, lots of it! College is a lot of work so having to stay up all night to do homework or cramming for tests is almost a requirement. Being able to stay up all night or going to class on 2 hours of sleep requires a lot of energy, energy that is found in the caffeine of coffee. Coffee has the immediate effect of boosting unnatural energy into the body making you feel less tired, allowing you to more productive. But is coffee really a good solution or just another factor making a problem bigger?
My concern is to what extent does coffee become the problem as opposed to the solution for college students? The overconsumption of caffeine can be extremely dangerous and very addictive. The energy that caffeine provides for the body fools the brain making it believe that it has rested. Eventually the brain realizes that in fact it has not rested, so an alarm to rest starts going off again making you feel tired. In order to not feel tired you drink some more, once again fooling the brain, that is when the addiction starts. Because you will have more exams, and more homework the process will be repeated and soon enough, caffeine is required to function.
Caffeine works like any drug, it has short term effects, a certain “high” and after a certain set of time it fades away. Also just like drugs the more of it you have the faster your body gets used to. Starting off, one cup usually is enough to get you through the night. After weeks of consuming the…

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