Essay on What Does A Baby Begin?

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Babies are not born with the ability or knowledge of how to move their bodies, besides a few instinctual reflexes that they use to survive the beginning days and weeks of life. This is due to their new environment outside of the womb which includes gravity, a factor that a newborn infant has not been exposed to until birth, along with the fact that an infant 's muscles are still developing (Meyerhoff, 2016). Therefore, they are dependent on those around them to move and adjust their bodies for them. Then the question might be asked: how does a baby begin to learn how to move and use their body in this new environment? A widely known and recommended technique that is used to develop muscle strength and prevent motor delays in infants is Tummy Time. This technique involves putting a baby on their stomach for periods, starting with a few minutes and working up to one hour, of time while they are awake, and it can begin as soon as a baby is born. There are five variations of this technique that each work well in a specific situation. The Tummy to Tummy position begins with the adult leaning back at an angle and placing the baby on top of their tummy and holding onto the baby to stabilize them. This positioning is good for infants that are new to the technique, it also allows for bonding time with the parent or guardian. The Eye Level Smile requires the adult to get down to the same level as the baby and in front of them. This positioning encourages the baby to lift their head…

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