What Do You Think The World Would Be Like If They Were Alive?

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What do you think the world would be like if they were alive? Three people working towards the same goal, in the same time period with different approaches. Martin Luther King Jr marched and gave speeches to promote confidence and power to his followers. Malcolm X spoke about the nation of islam as his saviour and how blacks should stand together to fight for freedom. Muhammad Ali listened to Malcolm and Elijah Muhammad 's speeches which helped him become an islamic boxer. He fought every powerful boxer he could to show power is earned not given. He fought the military on the draft and stood up for what he believed in. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali all worked towards equality for african americans.
When he began the fight for equality everything was in shambles ; the world was in the lowest place it could be when it came to human rights but lucky for us Martin Luther King Jr was ready to deal with the worst possible situations and fight back just as hard. “Activists, seeking to change the way things were, found themselves beaten in the train and bus stations, in the streets and parks, in the jails and prisons; churches, homes, schools, and buses were bombed and burned to the ground; in the rural South, "[n*****] hunts," murder, terrorism, racial cleansing, and economic coercion and exploitation took their toll in black lives.”(Fight the Power! The legacy of the civil rights movement) Even with hell breaking loose Dr. King stayed strong and on his…

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