What Do You Think About Linguistics? Essay

729 Words Nov 9th, 2015 3 Pages
What do you think about linguistics? Usually, many people who are questioned about this might think how many languages you can speak or a thing connected with literature. However, it’s not same. Although linguistics can be related to the number of how many languages you can speak or to literature, it is a more complicated and philosophical issue. So, what is linguistics? Before starting, what is language? Language can be divided between specific language which is called as “Parole” by Saussure, a linguist, and abstract language which is called as “Langue” by Saussure or “Competence” by Noam Chomsky, a linguist. The specific language is an individual language or what people say in practice. And it is what we can count such as English or Spanish. Abstract language, on the other hand, is ability to talk, make a sentence and judge whether a sentence is grammatically correct or not. Noam Chomsky said “the Competence” is the subject on which linguistics has to concentrate. Therefore, a student in linguistics observes how language works, how language is formed and how we can acquire a specific language. Then, what is it not? As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter how many languages you can speak. A person who can speak many languages is called as a polyglot. Even though being polyglot can make a person easily access to studying linguistics, it is not necessary because linguists focus on the “Competence”. Also, many people say that linguistic might be related to grammaticality.…

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