Essay on What Do You See As The Appropriate Punishment For The Crime?

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It was a faint but sudden ringing that pounded the accused 's head with the repeated sounds of 'tick, tock. ' Covering his ears to block out the pungent noise, he found it to be the clock on the wall that slowly ticked time away. Meanwhile, Beethoven 's Symphony No. 7 in A Major hummed peacefully in the background. "As the 9 councilors of CATA, we unanimously charge you with treason for spreading rhetoric that does not promote the good of our society." Dressed in an aesthetic black robe that covered him from head to toe, he was a seasoned old man with a face weary from the toll of doing anything absolutely necessary for the good of the society. Anything. That essential requisite chose the head of the world 's largest bureaucratic organization: the Corporate Allegiance of Time Authority.
"Councilor Darwin, what do you see as the appropriate punishment for the crime?" Dressed in attire that was similarly ornate to that of the High Councilor, Councilor Darwin took a moment before he held his head up high and protruded from the corners of his mouth a devilish smirk and a sly wink.
"Let 's put him in the Existential Extirpator. It 's been a while since we put people in Her, don 't you agree?" The whole courtroom seemed to be nodding in agreement, accompanied by the sea of fake laughs and smiles that each of his fellow colleagues wore on their respective mugs.
"It 's official," said the High Councilor. "Councilor Fox, put in the record that we used the Existential…

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