What Do You Remember About People From Different Cultures? Essay

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Question- what are your initial impressions when you think about people from different cultures.
Response- I think it just depends what culture they are from. But for the most I don’t think any different from of them if it was just someone at met around town. When you meeting someone from a different culture you just have to watch what you say because you can come off offensive. Something that you say may mean something completely different in another culture and if they aren’t open to different views may be offensive.
Question-When actually meet someone from a different culture, what do you remember about him or her?
Response- When I meet someone from a different culture I remember the way they talk whether or not they have an accent and the way the dress are things I most remember about them. In some cultures the way they dress shows what culture they are from and stature in the culture and the way they were brought up.
Question- Although difficult to admit, what are some of the stereotypes you hold about people from other cultures?
Response-I don’t think I hold any stereotypes that are really offensive. One that African Americans are great athletes. Another one is Caucasians can’t jump or play basketball well. Also African Americans love grape soda. Also Asians are terrible drivers, and very smart. Another one is Latinos love tacos and typically a construction worker.
Question-What are some of the stereotypes others hold about you and your cultural group?
Response- I…

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