What Do You Believe Is Our Nation 's Greatest? Essay

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Our society wants everything in little bite size pieces. The next two chapters cover two important topics responsible for destroying the American family. Family Dysfunction and Denial. As parents, it is our job, not the schools to teach the moral codes of conduct called humanity, kindness, empathy and self-respect, character and resilience. Chris,

Before you begin reading this chapter, please take a moment, and answer these three questions.
1. What do you believe is our Nation’s greatest treasures?
2. What do you to believe is our Nation’s greatest products?
3. What do you believe is our greatest global achievements? Answers to follow

“You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep” Navajo Proverb

Recently a friend told me that I have strong opinions about raising children, and how the modern parents’ performance is failing our children, and our society. I thought for a moment and said, “Yes, I do have strong thoughts, and opinions on this important subject.” I then asked him, “As a parent, are you not concerned with the amount of family dysfunction, and how this daily barrage of family dysfunction, and denial is effecting American’s youth”? My friend looked perplexed as he went on to justify the dysfunction, and denial as normal because of the many issues today’s family faces. Now, I was perplexed. He said “It’s the government’s fault. And the schools are not doing enough, and society is…..” I stopped him there. As a friend and fellow father, I had to try to…

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