Essay about What Do Intelligence Tests Really Measure?

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What do intelligence tests really measure?

Define intelligence tests –
According to intelligence can be defined as
Intelligence tests can be defined as formats meant to measure intelligence. This can be in form of exercises that test verbal knowledge, ability and performance. The scores achieved in the intelligence tests may be considered as an IQ (intelligence quotient) which the division of the mental age by the number of years the individual has lived.

What do they measure
According to Raven ( ), intelligence tests measure the ability to simplify things that are not easy to understand and features of something that make it confusing or difficult to deal with such as making patterns. Another possible explanation of what intelligence tests measure is WAIS which is said to measure performance and verbal intelligence. (Comer et al) 2013.

What are they for?

Psychologists such as Myers claims that the use of intelligence tests show how valuable these tests are. Firstly, intelligence tests can be used in the diagnosis of mental deficiency. This means that, when diagnosing a mental problem, other obstacles apart from how the individual scores can be noticed. A further example of how an intelligence test can be used is the grading of pupils. This helps in predicting how the child will succeed. Child guidance Intelligence tests can also be used in child guidance. Knight believes that the child’s character and environment such as the school as well as the home could be…

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