What Did Emile Durkheim Say That Crime Is Both Normal And Functional?

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Why did Emile Durkheim say that crime is both normal and functional? Illustrate your answer with examples.


Sociologists have dedicated their lives trying to understand people’s social behaviour. Where it originated and developed to understand the fundamentals of a person’s behaviour and why they do the things they do, that cause social change, order and disorder. Emile Durkheim, father of sociology and the most famous sociologists to have lived, he is well know for his theories on Functionalism, Anomie and Division of labour. Emile Durkheim’s theory on criminology showcases how it is a normal part of everyday society and plays an important role in keeping society in balance. Criminals re enforce the idea that there are social norms in everyday life and the way they act goes against these social norms or moral beliefs that most people believe and uphold in society. A more in depth understanding of why Emile Durkheim believed in these ideas will help in highlighting his thoughts on why crime is both normal and functional in society.


Emile Durkheims beliefs around crime are that it is a social norm. Emile Durkheim believes that crime serves as a social function and that is why he believes it to be a social norm. In society laws are made to create rules for people to follow. Laws create structure and let people know what is right and wrong. Most laws are reasonable and the majority of society believe that these laws should be abided by. Breaking any…

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