What Did C. Wright Mills Mean? Essay

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1. What did C. Wright Mills mean by the term "power elite"? How do the power elite manage to maintain their influence? Has the power elite become more or less Mills introduced the term in the 1950s? In the 1950s, C. Wright Mills explained that power is, “the ability to get your way despite resistence” (Henslin, 2014, p. 226). This ability he added, is only owned by a few members of society. On a national level, those who possesed this power in the U.S. were considered power elites. This includes the leaders of large corporations, high ranking military officials and politicians who have the leverage to control big national issues. This power is gained through the possesion of incredible amounts of money that these elites own. Some sociologists go so far to say that this group maintains so much influence on this nation that the U.S. has to gain its approval before making any significant decisions. This ability to maintain their power of position has been acquired through a couple of different factors. First, because of their preobtained power, they can always carry out their will, no matter the resistence. Also, they have acquired a respectful reputation known as pretige. They are admired by almost everyone who looks upon them because people assume that they have have obtained a higher education, they have high intellect, they posses an unmatched workethic or they have a creative and…

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