Importance Of Social Mobility

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Social mobility means the ability to ascend oneself into another status or class, yet it can also mean that one can descend down the ladder of class. Recent studies have shown that social mobility is declining in America and it is caused by the inequality in the United States. Niall Ferguson and David Brooks, both have parallel structure ideas, both writers emphasize on how social mobility is of greater importance than equality. Yet both writers approach the belief of social mobility in a different way. Niall Ferguson suggests the solution to social mobility is to have a pure competition, where everyone would have an equal chance to achieve the “American Dream.” David Brooks has a different point of view on how to solve the ever growing problem …show more content…
Brooks proposes an idea to focus on the individual rather than a whole, from which I agree at some point, but on a cultural point of view, these individual have to make sacrifices in order to survive and education may be one of the sacrifices. Brooks disagrees with the idea of raising the minimum wage, yet raising the minimum wage would be beneficial to lower class and the whole economy as it would decrease unemployment rate base on statistics. Brooks has similar ideas to Ferguson about highly educated people are unable to pass down their intelligence but rather pass down their money. Brooks wanted to create more opportunity for mobility and to do that Brooks suggests giving more aid to the working class as they’re experiencing a high drop-out rate from school, low skill jobs, and fixation of family structures. I would agree with this because as I am part of a working class family and do need as much as aid as possible since we are already in debt. Ferguson would disagree with Brooks on this as he wanted the removal of these “Safety nets,” rather this is not the same “safety nets” these would be programs to help the middle class and the working class to improve themselves and improve education. The key factor of social mobility is education, and education is a catalyst in social mobility. With education one can get an improved job that would raise their salary and end social

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