What Determines An Individual 's To Be Labeled As A Communist?

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What determines an individual 's deservingness to be labeled as a Communist? Is it his or her actions, status, education, mindset, or something entirely different? According to Liu Shaoqi, Chinese Communist Party theoretician and Mao Zedong 's successor as the head of state, it is not a singular aspect of an individual 's life that will make them a true Communist, but a combination of them all. In his 1939 speech, How To Be a Good Communist, Liu outlines the main actions, practices, and lifestyle choices that need to be exacted in order to create a good party member. In addition, Liu compares the ideologies and theories of Marxism-Leninism to those of past Confucian scholars and authority figures. Liu makes it known throughout his speech that the Communist Party must not follow the Confucian government 's path of not practicing what they preached. He believes that if a party member is a devout follower of Marxist-Leninist thought, then this member should integrate what he or she learns into his or her daily life. In short, the practice that Liu designates as the best method for becoming a good Communist is not only the cultivation, but also the practice of Marxist-Leninist thought. He believes that through cultivation and practice, the Communist Party will flourish and become a society free of all sin. His speech is interesting due to its clever hypocrisy. He paints over the ugly truth of a society based around Marxism-Leninism with long tangents about the beauty of a…

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