What Defines An Underserved Community Essay

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What defines an underserved community? What experiences have you had that have prepared you to work with underserved populations?
An underserved community refers to disadvantaged populations which have limited access to quality health care providers, facilities and/or services due to various reasons. A significant number of individuals and communities who experience inequities or barriers to receiving adequate healthcare, reside in low-income rural areas. This negatively affects their quality of life, preventing them from reaching their full potential for optimal living.
As a holistic health practitioner, I believe that there are many aspects of health and all these areas in life should be considered. Additionally, holistic health focuses on the root cause of the health issue and taking preventive measures to maintain one’s well-being. Unfortunately, there are barriers to taking these preventive measures because of the limited access to health care. These include lack of medical insurance coverage, lack of healthcare providers, language barriers, lack of education, lack of financial resources, age, and many other circumstances. I have worked with many individuals who have had these problems. I, myself, fell into one of these categories when I did not have medical insurance because I only worked part-time. Therefore, I know from experience what it is like to be a part of the underserved community which has prepared me to work with this population.
Throughout my life, I lived…

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