What Causes Pollution Is Important? Essay

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We All Cause Pollution Pollution is a major issue in our society. According to the Oxford Rhyming Dictionary, pollution is “contamination or undesirable modification of soil, food, water, clothing, or the atmosphere by a noxious or toxic substance” (2012 ed). What causes pollution is important because it allows us a way to prevent future damage. There are many examples of this, one being the “more than 180 incinerators were built in the belief they were the quickest fix for dealing with trash. But most were shut down within a decade because of unexpectedly high costs, overhyped yet under-performing technology and horrendous pollution” (Humes 51-52).There are three major types and causes of pollution. The three major kinds are air, water, and land pollution and the three causes are people, machine emissions, and natural causes. People are the largest source of pollution that there is. We contaminate everything from the air to the ocean and most of us are completely oblivious. Littering is a major way we pollute the environment. People litter without even noticing anymore, a gum wrapper here, a soda bottle there. Some of the litter biodegrades into the soil, but others don’t. Other debris migrates and makes its way to the ocean, contaminating the water and killing marine life. Another way we pollute the environment is, surprisingly through our feces. Our waste releases methane into the air, creating air pollution. Methane enters the atmosphere, where it becomes a potent…

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