What Caused The Salem Witch Trial Hysteria Of 1692

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What Caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of 1692?
Nineteen men and women hung from the tree of destruction, for they were the ornaments of hysteria. In the village of Salem during 1692, 20 people got accused for witchcraft left and right and eventually they got hanged. Experts have been determined to find out for years, but they’re still uncertain what the cause of the Salem Witch Trials hysteria was. Envy, sexism, and lying little girls stand out as the main causes.
To begin, one cause of the Salem Witch Trial hysteria was envy and jealousy. One piece of textual evidence that supports this cause is that out of thirty-four accusers, 23 were single women. Married women were the most targeted group for alleged witchcraft(Doc B). This statement presents the fact that single women could have been wanting the married women’s husband, therefore the single women were envious of them. Also, they may have been jealous of the married lifestyle. Back then being married was a positive status symbol.
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Charles Upham, a historian that studied the witch trials most of his life, explains the Salem Witch Trials and had said, “Once or twice they were caught in their own snare,... [T]here can be no doubt that they were great actors”(Doc D). This proves that the girls were lying because some of them were even caught in their own lie. Also, Upham, a well trusted historian, said it himself; the little girls were good at acting. The second piece of evidence is the examination of Bridget Bishop. Bishop states that she has never seen the accusers before, yet whenever Bishop made an action, the little girls started having fits(Doc C). This provides information of the girls lying by showing that even though Bishop has never seen these girls, they are all behaving like she has committed the worst crime ever. To sum it up, lying, little girls is surely a main cause to the Salem Witch Trial

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