What Caused The Great Depression In America

One of the most devastating times in the history of American people is arguably The Great Depression. It was a time of hardship for all citizens throughout the United States. In one way or another every single person was effected, some more harshly than others. This depression was not caused only by one factor, but by multiple making matters worse.
The first and probably biggest factor in causing the depression was the crash of the stock market. Soon after the roaring 20's money-happy times came the fall of the nation's economy. The stock market crashed and people simply didn't know what to do. Money was vanishing and those who hadn't suffered from this yet, were lost in confusion and fear. People were rapidly selling whatever stocks they had
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This became known as the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was basically an area involving about 5 states in which massive storms of dust, dirt and gravel would blow around and ruin many, many crops. It made daily life way more difficult then it had to be. Farmers were losing their farms due to drop in demand for certain foods including wheat which prices dropped very low and farmers decided to try planting more of it to keep up in income, this led to a loss in money instead of gain. The storms also contributed to the loss of land by not allowing farmers to plant effectively given how the soil was being blown and torn apart. Houses were constantly being covered in dust, inside and out which caused housewives to become extremely stressed and in some cases even led to suicide. The harsh living environments caused children to run away and families to be torn apart. Farmers would leave their land and move to California where the dust bowl did not effect and work as farmers for other …show more content…
It caused major casualties and hardships for all citizens. Whether they were effected by the dust bowl or not, the economy of the nation was enough on it's own to drive America into such a state of frenzy and worry. American's were living in make-shift houses made of whatever they could find. People were homeless from job loss and land-loss. Men would abandon their families and children would run away aboard freight-trains in search of a different life. Women would commit suicide from the stress and hardships presented to them. Even the president of the United States could not find an effective way to calm the people and worse than that, he could not find a solution either. These times, whether among the hardest of time for the American people or not, were defiantly times that will go down in history for the level of impact it had on America

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