What Can We Say About The Human Nature? Essay

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What can we say about the affects of religion; That only positive can come from serving such an immaculate idea; and what psychological ramifications do these ideas have on the natural born in demon known as human nature?

People of the LGBT community are often raised with severe social and mental disorders. Depending on the area, this is almost always the case. These disorders brought on by severe amounts of abuse and alienation, help solidify the self-image for the child, that LGBT people are "sick" or that they are "the death knell of this country." (youtube.com). Is this fear and abuse from the general public caused by society 's infatuation with sex? Is it that feminine behavior is considered weak and relating to sexism against women, or is this directly related to modern religion, i.e. A mob mentality?

Let 's face it, even in the closest of paternal relationships, there is always going to be a generation gab between parent and child. There will always be a certain amount of work to understand one another. Having a light child can sometimes be a huge struggle even for the most loving parents. Unfortunately, the light child in question, is more often affected by this struggle that the parents themselves. LGBT children often find themselves suddenly a leper in their own church or household. Cut out socially from church groups, subject to paranoid glares in the bathrooms. Treated as if they had some sort of incurable disease. This behavior towards the LGBT community…

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