What Bradbury Got Right. Fahrenheit 451 Essay example

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What Bradbury Got Right
Fahrenheit 451 is an extremely important novel, especially in today’s world. The novel centers around Montag, a fireman who sets fires ablaze instead of putting them out. “What is he burning?” One might ask. The answer is literature. Books in this world are completely banned and must be burned if discovered. Technology has completely taken over, and people are constantly immersed in it. He loves his job until he meets his neighbor, a teen girl named Clarisse. She helps him to discover a love he didn’t think he would ever have, this love is for books and nature. As he converses with Clarisse, he becomes more and more dissatisfied with his life. He begins to rebel against the firefighters, and with the help of Faber, an ex-professor, he becomes completely engrossed in the world of literature. This leads to him being caught and his own house being caught on fire. He responds to the fire and murders his boss, Beatty, who is the antagonist alongside society. Faber and Montag run off into the woods and meet a community of people who all escaped to be in the wilderness and enjoy literature. They work on memorizing different important literature works to become a living library. At the end of the novel, the city is bombed by another country and the only survivors are the living library community. The novel ends with them making plans to reconstruct society the way it should be.
The reason this novel is so important to society today is that it predicted many…

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