What Are The Similarities Between Michelangelo, Verrochio And Michelangelo

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There are four statues of David. Each by a different person and each have a different history. The four statues artists were Michelangelo, Donatello, Bernini, and Verrocchio. All these statues are great; they have their similarities and their differences.

Michelangelo’s David is a seventeen foot tall statue. It is made entirely of white marble. The sculpture is of a man that is naked. He is standing and looking left. He has his left arm up by his head and he is holding something. What he is holding is a sling. He is representing the David in the bible that killed Goliath. He killed Goliath by whipping a tone in his sling and hitting him in the head. The sling that is on Michelangelo's statue is attached to something that is held in his right
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The first similar thing is that they were all built in Italy. The second similar thing is that all the Davids have the bible story of David and Goliath behind them. One thing I noticed, it may just be coincidence, is that all the statues are leaning onto their right leg. Their left legs are bent and they are leaning onto their right legs. Some differences that I found are the material. Bernini’s and Michelangelo’s statues were made of white marble. However, Donatello's and Verrocchio’s statues were made of bronze. Another thing that I found is that Michelangelo’s and Donatello’s statues were nude, but Bernini’s and Verrocchio’s statues were not. Another difference is that Verrocchio’s David and Donatello’s David had swords. They also had Goliath’s head at their feet. Bernini’s and Michelangelo’s David’s were different; they had slings and they did not have the head of Goliath at their …show more content…
No one would battle the giant so he stepped up. He was just a young boy though and nobody thought he could do it. But, King Saul let him do it. Saul gave him armor and sent him out to battle. But all that David used was a sling and a stone. He put the sling in the stone and whipped it and it hit Goliath right in the head and killed him dead. (Hey! That rhymed!) Michelangelo’s David was commissioned by the Operai. Both Donatello and Verrocchio had their David Statues commissioned by the Medici family. Bernini’s David statue was commissioned by Cardinal Scipione Borghese.

Also, the figure of David symbolizes the biblical figure David who killed Goliath. He is the hero of the israelites; he symbolizes a hero. David is an important enough person that four people made a statue of him. He is important because he was the hero for the israelites; he is a historical hero of the bible. He represents everyone. What I mean by that is he was a small boy and he proved that he could kill do a big task. He killed a giant! That proves that anyone can do anything as long as they

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