Summary: Issues In Health Care Careers

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Issues in Health Care Careers 2 These days there are many different factors that are effecting the Health Care System, and most of them are not for the best. Even with the Affordable Care Act and the health insurance companies there are still five major problems that the system still faces and are dragging down the system as a whole. The first one is too much unnecessary care, avoidable harm to patients, billions of dollars are being wasted, perverse incentives in how we pay for care, and finally a lack of transparency. All of these problems are effecting everyone in more way then one because they are effecting the quality of care for patients and they are costing every tax payer an arm and a leg to pay for all of the expenses that go on due …show more content…
The Journal of Patient Safety says that between 210,000 and 440,000 patients who are admitted into a hospital are diagnosed after arriving with some type of preventable problem that leads to their death. This makes medical errors the third-leading reason of death in America, behind heart disease and cancer which are number one and two respectfully (“How Many Die”, 2013). Medical errors are very common in Hospitals some are minor and do not cause many problems but other can be very major and be very deadly. There are many different types of medical errors some of the most common ones are; adverse drug events, catheter-associated urinary tract infection, injury from falls and immobility, pressure ulcers, venous thrombosis (“9 Most Common Medical Errors”, 2014).
Medical errors are very avoidable, all doctors and nurses have to do is take the time needed to make sure what medicine they are administrating is correct or they make sure the patients are moved to avoid ulcers. Medical errors are costing Americans a lot of money, in 2008 the cost for all of the medical errors cost the United States $19.5 billion. About 87 percent or $17 billion were straight linked with supplementary medical cost, including: ancillary amenities, prescription drug amenities, and inpatient and outpatient care (“The Economics of Health Care”,
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Setting forth a sensible effort forward in time always prevails in the end when it comes to preventative methods. Every year, $55 billion is misused in this category due to bad prevention strategies. In terms of abuse; scams, false medical bills, billing for amenities that were not accomplished or appointments that were not fulfilled, duplicate billing – all of these issues total up to a $75 billion dollar waste annually in United States healthcare expenditures. Not only is this a major problem, but payments also have been expended to monitor, study, and indict those who commit such actions (“Six Wasteful Practices”,

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