What Are The Causes Of The Protestant Reformation

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The Protestant Reformation was a religious movement that began as an effort to reform the Catholic Church. This happened in 1517 and the idea was spread across Europe by the printing press. The ideas of the Protestant Reformation spread through German towns in the 1520s and then other parts of Europe. The reformers were known as Protestants because they protested the Catholic Church’s practices. Many Protestants believed that the religion should be simple, according to the Bible. They thought that the Catholic Church had too many rules. The Protestants also objected to the great power the Pope was in control of.

There were four main people that were included in the Protestant Reformation. These people were, Martin Luther, King Henry VIII, King Philip II and Queen Elizabeth I. Martin Luther was a Catholic Priest in Germany. He protested the policies of
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Martin Luther translated the Latin Bible into German so the Germans could understand the Bible’s teachings. He also got many people involved with his protest, so they were more educated on why Martin Luther wanted to reform the Catholic Church. King Henry VIII had a totally opposite effect on the Europeans than Martin Luther did. The English Catholics got upset with Henry VIII for the choices he made. Many people were also angry because he defied the Pope’s way of showing people God’s teachings. Henry thought that since he founded the Church of England, he owned the people and what they believed. Philip II’s effect on people was exploring new lands which allowed him to broaden Spain’s presence and influence. In some cases, he enforced the conversion of Christianity and took away most of the people’s patrimony. Queen Elizabeth I began her rule under prejudice because she was a woman. She gained popularity when she led England through troubled times to emerge as a world power by the end of her

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