What Are Some Things Cindy Could Have Adjusted That May Have Worked Better?

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1. There are several things Cindy could have adjusted that may have worked better. After looking at the results from the Big-5 Personality that each employee submitted, sorting the employees that had similar personalities are more than likely to butt heads by wanting to do the same tasks or not agreeing on everything. With having a broader group of different personalities, the employees are more than likely to talk things out and spread out task evenly to best fits each person. Not distributing personalities equally does not promote teamwork and will be more problematic rather than success.
Secondly, she split up the employees by the ages, whether they are younger or older than forty years old. In the text, Cindy states the older individuals, the “Gen-Xers,” are “often more experienced than those who are younger.” This could be problematic because if you put all of the more experienced ones together, they would form a pretty good team because of the experience they have on teamwork and the company itself. However, the younger employees will tend to struggle more because they do not have that experience like the Gen-Xers do. Cindy had noticed that the change has substantially reduced the performance in the IT department, and that may be the reason because of the age separation between the experienced and inexperienced employees.
If I were Cindy, there would be several changes I would make in order to increase the performance in the IT department. First, I would…

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