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Communicable Disease Outbreak
Community Health Task 2
Western Governors University
Carissa J Dugan
Student ID: 000468111
August 20, 2015

Measles was discovered in the 19th century by a Persian Doctor, but was not recognized until 1957 as an infectious agent in human blood by a Scottish physician. In 1912 measles became a notifiable disease and in the first decade that records were kept there was on average 6,000 deaths per year reported from the disease. (Center For Disease Control). There is no definite origination of measles but scientists believe that it dates back to the Roman Empire about the 11th and 12th century (NCBI, 2010). The first outbreak known in America was in 1657 in Boston,
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(Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 2015) Public schools in my community require a waiver to be filled out by their physician to attend, so some of the children are not vaccinated. Our community does have risk of an outbreak but those who will seek medical help and comply with vaccinations could keep the effects of the community to a minimum, remember the vaccine is what began eradication of the disease in 1968. Once an infection occurs Measles will be transmitted to 90% of those that are not immune (Center For Disease Control).Our hospitals would be impacted because the amount of sick and hospitalized would greatly increase. The local schools would have to probably close until all children were cleared of exposure if there was any contact with an infected person, or until all were vaccinated. The same would go for businesses they would also have to close if there was at least 1 infected employee until they were all cleared.
The reporting protocol for measles is all physicians, hospitals, and laboratories have to report all confirmed cases to their local health jurisdiction (health Department). From there it is reported to the CDC and then an investigation is started of where, when, and how the disease started. (Center For Disease Control).When reporting a case of the measles there is several information that is needed including a basic demographic of the infected also vaccine status,

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