Western Culture : The Western Cultural Escalation Essay

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The Western Cultural Escalation
Life articulates with culture. Culture is the result of an influx of ideas which creates norms and ideologies of certain regions. Modern day culture, tends to be a hybrid of a myriad of aspects of many cultures around the world. An alpha of all of the included cultures tend to be “western culture.” Although Western culture, with its rigid bond with modernization, plays a dominant role in shaping world culture, such as creating necessity for freedom, nationalism, fashion styles, entertainment ie. music/movies/television, interconnections and individualism throughout the globe, is only possible due to technological advancements which allows for such supremacy. Western culture receives its popularity and is able to change global cultural norms by two technological instruments. Through the entertainment industry along with our media, and the internet with it’s large database of knowledge; by understanding the reasoning behind the popularity of Western culture can we understand the reasoning of its dominance in the globe.
When mentioning “Westernization”, one is mentioning the culture of Western Europe and the Americas. The distinction takes place as there are similar connections created in the western world shortly after World War II. This created a union of similar ideologies and mass migrations to the United States had only aided to this effect. Racial/gender equality, a great sense of individualism was constructed along with fragments of other…

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