West Memphis 3 Argumentative Paper

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West Memphis 3: Wrongfully Accused?

On May 5th, 1993 three eight year old boys were reported missing in West Memphis, Arkansas. The boys were found the next day, hog tied in a wooded area called “Robin Hood Hills”. After the case had been “thoroughly” investigated, the West Memphis Police announced on the news that they had found the murderers, pointing fingers at Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin, three teenagers who were different from the norm in West Memphis, making it easy for them to be accused. I believe the boys were wrongfully accused of this crime because there is a lack of evidence in the case pointing to the boys, and the crime just seems to convenient for these three to actually pull off.
During the
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Blood scrapings were taking from the walls of the Bojangles, but the evidence must not have been important because the police ended up losing it. Maybe the Bojangles man was the one responsible for the negroid hair found on the boys bodies.
Another person who should have been further investigated is Mike Byers. He was said to be mad at Christopher at the time of the murders. Another thing that is weird is when the HBO crew was filming they found a knife. The knife belonged to Mike Byers, and he said it had never once been used. After saying that, blood was located on the knife that matched his own and Chris Byers. After saying it had never been used, he began to change his story continuously, first saying it had never been used, then saying he had used it to cut up some meat, then later saying that he had cut his own thumb on it… All quite different stories at different times.. Another knife was also found. It was found behind Byers house in a river or lake. (Paradise Lost) The knife had no traces of DNA but fit a description because of the way it was serrated. The way it was serrated matched marks found on one or more of the victims. The fact of the matter is that no murder weapon was ever found with identical DNA matches, besides Byers knife. I wonder how they could still think the killers were Baldwin, Echols and Misskelley.
Another piece of evidence that showed up was found in the pictures taken of the boys. A piece of clothe that looked to be ripped, was

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