Week 2 Cango Analysis Report Essay

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Week 2 Analysis Report
DeVry University

Our DDM Consulting Firm has been hired to advise and help guide CanGo in the restructuring and planning their future endeavors. CanGo is a young fast growing company which is interested in expanding into the online gaming market. This analysis report is the first of a series of reports created by our company to examine CanGo’s current concerns and offer recommendations to fix these issues. At DDM Consulting we believe that success is a team sport and there is no I in team. In saying this, it is going to take the cooperation of the upper management, lower management and CanGo employees for this company to reach its full potential. By implementing our recommendations CanGo can look forward to
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(Evans, 2010)
Our recommendation is for Elizabeth and her upper management staff to sit down and talk about the future of CanGo. In doing this, they need to come up with a clear complete Mission statement that clearly defined who the company is, what good and or services they provide, and who they provide them to. By doing this you will helps employees and lower management better understand the mechanics of the business and be more excepting to things such as company-wide decisions, organizational changes, and resource allocation. In the long run this will lessen resistance and ease workplace conflicts. (Evans, 2010) Because most companies struggle with creating an effective Mission and Vision Statement, we recommend that CanGo utilize OnStrategy to help develop their mission and vision statement. OnStrategy offers not just published information on why an organization needs a mission and vision statement but they also offer online step by step video’s with directions on writing a mission and vision statement. Since the primary target audience of CanGo are online technically inclined customers, it is important that their mission and vision statement is fun yet Clear and Concise. (OnStrategy , 2014)

Concern 2
Goal setting and Deadlines
Every successful company is faced with the everyday challenges of meeting goals, creating new goals and at the same time prioritizing

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