Wedding Speech : A Woman 's Family Essay

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Weddings, a happy moment when a woman and man decide to spend the rest of their lives together through good and bad. Even though this is one of the happiest times in a family’s life, there are a lot problems women face before and even after the wedding. In Indian culture, when two people get married, it is not just them who are getting married, their families unite too. Due to this fact, many couples face problems as it is not only the man and woman who have to fall in love but the families also have to accept each other in order for the couple to get married happily. There has been a long standing tradition that the woman’s family incurs all the expenses of the all wedding-related events. This is not all, they also have to give the groom’s family a gift commonly called the ‘Dowry’. This tradition was reasonable in the earlier centuries as after marriage the woman goes and lives in the man’s house where she is looked after and groomed to be a good wife. However, this is not the case in today’s world as most of the married couples don’t live in an extended family and prefer to live separately from their parents. This being said, why are the groom’s family still taking dowry? Don’t you think this tradition of bearing the full cost of the wedding on the bride’s family is wrong? In May 2002 my father’s sister got married after waiting for three years to be with the man she loved. The couple were madly in love but they couldn’t get married because the bride’s family did not…

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