Serena Nanda's Article: Arranging A Marriage In Saudi India

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Indian Marriages
In Saudi Arabia marriages are arranged. The groom describes the girl of his dreams to his family. So they can seek a bride who matches his description. This situation is similar to what Serena Nanda, a professor of anthropology at the City University of New York, wrote in her essay called " Arranging a Marriage in India." She traveled to India several times to study their culture. Nanda participated in arranging a marriage for her Indian friend 's son. When trying to find a wife, she learned that there are many important qualification represented in family reputation, education, and others.
One of the important qualification in Indian marriages is the family reputation. The boy 's family look for a bride from the same
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Boys and girls do not waste their time to search for love. They focusing on their time to get good jobs. Finding the right partner is parents duty. Sita, one of the girls whose marriage was arranged, and she studied political science. The son of Nanda 's friend had a good education so his mother was wondering the same for the bride. They did find a pretty girl with high statue but she was too educated, and very dependent person which lead them to keep looking for another. It is not good for a women to be too independent in Indian society. Another example was about the middle class family who have five daughters were well education. The groom 's mother refuse because they won 't be able to have a suitable ceremony with five girls. Nanda notice that " the girl 's ability to get along harmoniously in a family is perhaps the single most important quality in assessing her suitability" (2). Finally the matching bride was from the same class with a degree in fashion design. She was planning to continue her …show more content…
Nanda did not accept the idea of arranged marriages. Latter she got participated in several marriages. She found that most couples who had an arranged marriage were happier than who chose their partner by themselves. Nanda went and returned to India several times while her friend was still looking for a bride. Nanda was not expecting this to be a complicate to find a girl. Actually she was thinking to have an arranged marriage to herself. Each family that Nanda and her friend visited were missing one of the three qualifications. The bride they chose was approval of the three conditions. She was pretty and educated from the same status

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