Wedding Speech : A Destination Wedding Essay

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A destination wedding doesn 't have to be more expensive than a local wedding celebration. A traditional venue along with the reception hall can be quite expensive while only lasting a limited amount of time. With a destination wedding, the couple gets to spend a few days in a beautiful location for a fraction of the cost. You can combine your wedding with your honeymoon, which will save you thousands in airfare and hotel since you 're already at your destination.

Pick Carefully
When you choose a destination wedding, you can stand on the beach in Jamaica, against the mountain as a backdrop in St. George, Utah or at a luxury villa in Spain. The destination you pick for your wedding and reception should be something near and dear to you. If you 're into rustic romance, a mountain backdrop would be perfect for you so it would make sense to hold it in St. George, Utah. If you 're a wine lover, a trip to Italy or Spain would make perfect sense. A beach lover can find sandy beaches in many locales from California to Hawaii to Seychelles. The best places for your wedding destination will speak to you as a couple.

Planning Trip
It 's vital that you scout the destination in advance. You 'll want to plan at least one trip before the wedding to scout the location, pick a hotel for you and guests, lock down the wedding and reception venue and talk to locals. The suppliers should be contacted in person if possible. You 'll want to meet them, shake their hand and ensure that you trust…

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