Essay about Wealth and Happiness

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Wealth and happiness
The human kind has always strived towards power, and wealth is one of the necessities for those who want this power. However, nowadays many seek wealth, because they want the freedom that money can grant, and thus become happier. Some people tend overrate how much happier they will get by becoming rich. That leads to the question: “Can you buy happiness?”
In the first text, David Brooks tries to explain the correlation between wealth and happiness. With Sandra Bullock’s experience as an example, he tries to prove his point that getting richer only will make you a little bit happier, as in the USA, where the country has gotten a lot richer during the last 50 years, but not happier than before. However, he does
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To engage the reader David Brooks starts out by using an example that contains a person most people know, Sandra Bullock. He engages the readers this way, since it is easy for us to relate to the issue and draw parallels to problems in the daily life. However, not only does the Sandra Bullock example make us able to relate and put the problem into perspective. It also works as the rhetorical device pathos. He makes us feel sorry for her. He somewhat tries to make up for it by saying: “on average, Oscar winners live nearly four years longer than nominees that don’t win.”
In the beginning of the text, he also captures the reader using a couple of rhetorical questions: “So the philosophic question of the day is: Would you take that as a deal? Would you exchange a tremendous professional triumph for a severe personal blow?” This makes us think about his message for a while, before we continue reading.

He also uses plenty of statistics, which would be the appeal form logos, since you cannot really argue with statistics.

However, he does not really speak much of where the data comes from, how they came to their conclusions or even how the data was collected. He probably made consciously made this choice, to be able to reach a wider audience for his article, since it can feel repulsive and boring to read all of these details instead of getting to the point

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