Essay about We See No More Than What You See

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We see no more than what we see. What we see and visual can be different from other peoples point of view. In the textbook, it says “Images often happens without our being aware of the process and is part of the pleasure of looking at images” (Textbook, 34). The images that we see is what we process and it’s a relationship to an object, image, or word that gives meaning, contextual idea, etc. A sign is anything that stands for something other than itself. A tool that we use to examine the context is called semiotics, which signifies something that gives meaning in a cultural way “between the image or object and the individual and those socio-cultural codes” (Handout, Garcia-Martinez). These “codes” are conveying to us through popular culture, media, advertisement, and a surrounding environment. Therefore, in a person 's eye, it chooses to see what it wants to see and define how meaning is constructed. In our everyday lives, we are bounded by advertisement, even though we don’t read a paper, watch television, or walk around with our eyes closed. A person finds it impractical to avoid a various form of media hype, whether it might be the latest offer at the supermarket or some advert on television. The foremost idea of advertisement is to sell their product. Not only does the advertisement sell the product to the reader but also an image of oneself as more attractive and happier. The things that are sold to people through advertising are just to make people feel better…

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