Essay about We Need A Place For Shelter

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“Special report” breaks across the bottom of the television screen. The news feed reads, “Zombies are running rampant in the street.” Although it is not really zombies, but a new virus that causes humans to attack and eat the flesh of other humans. The biggest breakouts are in large cities and starting to spread to smaller towns fast. Anyone in this situation needs to think fast and act fast. A person needs to consider what it will take to survive the outbreak. The top things to consider when trying to make it through this are shelter, protection, food and a backup plan. No matter where someone is when the outbreak occurs, he must think about where it is he is going to bunker down. When considering a place for shelter, one must think about how secure a place is and how to reinforce it. First things first, a person needs to nail boards over any and all windows. Any doors must be secured with heavy objects or boards that can be removed. A person must also think about not making his or her shelter into a trap. It is best to always have two ways out and be familiar with the layout to be able to quickly move about or leave. Now that how to secure a shelter is covered, a person must now think about protection. When a person has a pending “zombie” attack that could happen at any time, he or she has to be able to think fast and utilize surrounding objects as a weapon. Anyone could probably make a weapon out of almost anything around him if he had to. Another thing a person might…

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