We Must Send An Ambulance Right Away Essay

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“911 what is your emergency? We will send an ambulance right away.” As thick red colored blood came sputtering out like a waterfall, making a pool around me. The warm sensation of another person’s plasma all over my face and hands made my body quiver. It tasted like metallic when I licked my lips for insurance that I was still alive. The car kept on moving as if it never hit a 112 pound juvenile. People hit someone and are never caught. How does someone hit a human being with their car and drive away? I never gave being a victim of a hit and run accident a second thought until I seen my cousin lying on the side walk in front of me about to die.
Hit and runs are increasing in many cites the fatalities are rising nationally. While many American families are being victimized financially from hospital bills or funerals funds, no one will stand up and pay the bills of the injured human or family. Many people hope for the hit and run suspect to come forward and be a civilized person. If it was them or one of their family members they would like the same treatment. “Over 70,000 people were killed across United States in 2008 throughout 2013 from hit and run accidents” ( DMV, n.d ).This is a high number of citizens subsistence murder over a person that can’t be a man and stand up and turn their selves in. Five years of hit and runs and 700,000 people have died, when is it going to end?
One hot summer day in Chattanooga, Tennessee on July the fourth kids running all around stepping…

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