We Must Protect Our Childrens Future Essay

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Do you desire to live in a way that protects our childrens future? Do you choose to live in the greenest world possible with a conscience, respect and appreciation for the environment?

The majority of Americans have a strong sense of environmental and social responsibility. We endeavor to make environmentally beneficial choices in many aspects of our daily living, yet we ignore one of the major contributors to the plight of the planet.

Worldwide in excess of one billion people do not have a pure source of clean drinking water, this is in excess of 1/6 of the world citizens, yet we, as Americans, waste billions of dollars yearly for the convenience of drinking from a plastic bottle instead of a water tap.

1.5 million tons of plastic are consumed to bottle water annually. It takes in excess of 25 times the amount of water to make each plastic bottle than the bottle contains. 300 million gallons of bottled water are imported to the United States yearly. This is unacceptable waste.

Often, in America bottled water is simply an indulgence. Despite our rationalizations, it is not a harmless indulgence. Bottled water is an environmental disaster. Thirty years ago bottled water hardly survived as a business in the United States. We Americans now spend more on "designer" bottled water than we spend on iPods or movie tickets - $15 billion in 2007. The expected United States expenditure for bottled water will be $16 billion a year before the end of the decade.

As a country we…

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