Essay about We Grow As We Learn

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In the article entitled “We grow as we learn: Youth indoctrination in North Korea”, Niki O’Brien talks about how indoctrination of future generations is embedded at a young age in education, music, and everyday life in North Korea. O’Brien mentioned how education is a huge and very vital factor in contributing in an effective systematic indoctrination. In school, children are taught that South Korea was the aggressor of the Korean War and that the Americans were their enemies. 1 Students realize that they need to fight together and be united against their common enemies in order to survive. In addition to the education part of the indoctrination, “youth moments and participation in the Young Pioneers create an all-encompassing physical and psychological immersion into the role of good citizens”. This helps set the link between actions and strength of the country. It makes the youth feel like they are contributing to the countries success and prosperity, which leaves “little doubt in the minds of young people what they must do”. 2 Music is known to bind people under one umbrella and submerges everyone into one unit and so it seems only logical to use fun activity and music during the youth events to gather and influence the youth’s way of thinking. I agree with this because music doesn’t have to be fully understood to engulf one’s feelings towards a cause. Music helps ease people into a community and helps strengthen the systematic indoctrination. Criminal professor Adam…

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