Essay on We Can 't Change The World

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We Can’t Change the World

The world we live in today has been getting more and more corrupted throughout the years. We’ve become more united in certain aspects, but overall we can’t change the world without certain key factors that start with the individual. Within our population there’s way too much violence on a daily basis, we lack role models and we’re being lied to by our government. These key aspects are the seed of corruption that has be planted correctly for a better future in our world. Without these conflicts being resolved we continue to witness chaos in our neighborhoods throughout the land.
What we have to understand is that the future of our community are the young adults and kids that look up to us to guide them. If there’s no guidance towards our minors, the future adults of tomorrows society, they start gaining confusion instead of potential. Having lost people on our planet makes it difficult to change the world because they don’t know what to do with their lives and even if they tend to stay out of trouble it still isn’t helping if there’s no involvement. The environment has a shortage of mature role models that are needed to show our children the precise way to live. Guardians do drugs in front of their kids, let them hang around crowds with no goals and unsatisfactory living standards and then wonder why more prisons are being built drastically. Our parents have to show examples to inspire and influence their offspring’s to have a positive impact…

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