`` We Are Seven, By William Wordsworth Essay

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Of all the mysteries and questions ever pondered or researched; of discoveries made or answers jubilantly uprooted, death remains the one great conundrum over which mankind’s obsession never ceases. While some look to religion to find peace in the inevitability of life’s end, others cling to science, ever searching for a way to elongate and even immortalize their physical existence. Still, others, perhaps finding peace in both realms, seek a different type of immortality; an immortality realized through the works and accomplishments they leave behind. Wordsworth’s Romantic piece, “We are Seven,” is one of many such works, not only left behind by the illustrious poet, but in which he addresses this very topic. In it, an adult speaker engages in what begins as an innocent conversation with a young girl concerning the number of siblings she has. The discussion quickly moves beyond that, however, as she reveals that two of the siblings she includes in her full count of seven are buried in a plot near the home where she now resides alone with her mother. While the speaker believes this insistence stems from her inability to comprehend mortality, the girl continues to confront this idea as she persists, revealing a brief narrative along the way. In questioning a child’s capacity to understand and subsequently cope with death, Wordsworth’s poem challenges basic ideas on the limitations of human mortality, the grief of losing a loved one, and the acceptability of certain actions in…

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