We Are Not All The Same Gender Equality Essay

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We Are Not All the Same - Gender Equality

There are some people who would try and convince you that men and women are exactly the same. This is simply not true. Both genders are of course equal in value, nobody should try and dispute this, but there are clear differences which identify them from each other and make them unique. These differences allow men and women to outperform each other in certain areas, which is better for everyone as the combined strengths of both genders can be put to better use. Admitting this is not the horrible and sexist view that modern society would have you believe; equality should be about respecting and utilizing people’s differences instead of ignoring them.

To begin with there are clear physical and psychological
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The common stereotype that women are better multitaskers may have some merit, as a study reported by the Independent and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America has shown that men and women’s brains are wired in different ways. Women’s brains are supposedly wired more between the left and right hemispheres whereas men’s brains are wired more from the back to front, crossing the hemispheres less. This is supposed to allow men to perform better at focused tasks, and women to perform better at tasks that require both sides of the brain at …show more content…
This “wage gap” does not compare two workers in the same job for the same number of hours a day. Instead it measures the gap between the average female income and the average male income, completely ignoring factors such as occupation and hours worked. Some people may say that women are forced into certain jobs because of social expectations, but I’m sure if you asked a woman why she chose her job this would not be her first response. Women are more likely to choose positions with more comfortable conditions and a sense of fulfillment over a higher paid job, whereas a man is much more likely to go for a job with more adverse working conditions in order to gain a better salary. The men working in white collar jobs for good salaries are pointed out, while the countless more men slaving away carrying out manual labour for that little bit extra instead of working at a checkout are completely ignored in the feminist argument. According to a survey carried out by the U.S. Department of Labour, men also work on average five percent longer than women. This may not sound like much, but over the course of weeks and months it builds up. People who work for longer will and should get paid more, regardless of

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