Essay about We Adopt Our Culture From The Generation

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Kassie was the little girl who always had something silly to say and was ornery as ever. She would make friends with just about anyone and could always find a smile in someone. You would find her going to church with her family on Sundays and in school learning on the weekdays. After school ended for the day she would play outside until she got called in for dinner. Her parents would make her finish all her dinner before she could go to bed and then her next day would start all over again. Although, I have grown up entirely, those events and memories that I have as a child have shaped me who I am today. In America, we adopt our culture from the generation before us and then what is important enough in our society will pass on to the next generation. Our culture is reinforced by our values, norms, beliefs, privilege, and power. My surroundings and memories have shaped me who I am today and it is applied to my everyday life. The concept of being privileged is not the fact what people do or create or enjoy on purpose, but the fact that it is given to you. In America, there is an epidemic that is known of being “White Privileged”. People have all kinds of perks in America as being white, some included are when you get cut by a Band-Aid and the nurse will most likely have a Band-Aid that matched the skin color or when you go to a hotel they will most likely have the shampoo and conditioner for white textured hair. The general concept as stated in “White Privilege: The…

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