Water Treatment Of Black Water Essay

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There is only 3% of fresh water available to us on Earth. The Verdesian therefore uses the $1,000,000 black water treatment plant of The Solaire. This plant recycles black water using an aeration system. Black water is a waste water which is nutrient rich. It is toilet water, which is a mixture for bacteria and parasites (Class notes). Thus the water treatment plant at The Solaire treats this black water and filters it. The treated water then goes through an Ozone and UV disinfection process.13 The treated water is then reused for flushing toilets and for cooling the towers of the HVAC system. The treated water is also used to harvest rainwater and store 10,000 gallons of recycled water; which is used to irrigate the green roof of The Verdesian.14 Therefore a total of 50% of potable landscape water use is reduced by using this black water treatment plant in the basement of The Solaire (Personal Visit). This wastewater and rainwater system can recycle 25,000 gallons of wastewater per day.15 According to American Water: 9,000 gallons per day are used to flush toilets, 11,500 gallons per day is used for cooling tower and 6,000 gallons per day are used for landscape irrigation.16 With this on site water treatment plant, The Verdesian achieved 50% water consumption reduction and a greater than 60% reduction in wastewater discharge.17 Another feature The Verdesian includes is a filtration system which, filters city water before it arrives at the faucets of the residences in The…

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