Analysis Of Cat's Cradle By Kurt Vonnegut

Imagine a world where instead of cool, crisp rivers, there were hazardous, burnt coffee colored bodies of water. The air we breathe and the water we drink are considered very important to every living organism in the world; unfortunately, humans using more and more of the earth’s resources, which results in the deterioration of them. Water resources are necessary for human survival, but our constant pollution of them will result in its end. The only solution is for change; America must cut back on the constant pollution of its waterways. In the novel Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, a similar issue to America’s modern issue is Frank’s pollution of Ice Nine into their water supply. Vonnegut explores the problem of pollution as it illustrates the …show more content…
Animals are also affected negatively by Oil Fracking today certain poisonous chemicals linked to oil fracking appeared to be responsible for the reason why 82 percent of male smallmouth bass developed into hermaphrodites with male parts that create female eggs. Since this water is usually not clean to drink for any species when applied to plants or crops they suffer the same fate and usually die however some strong plants can grow and absorb the toxins and transfer them to anyone who eats the food produced by the plant that was nourished with toxic water. Liter also affects all forms of life in a similar way. Lead, especially to the young, can damage the kidneys, brain, and the nervous system. Lead used to be a problem when old pipes were installed in houses and the lead with absorb into the drinking water. Even very small amounts of lead over time can cause a lot of damage to a person and lead poisoning can occur in small amounts. Littering can also affect human health if they happened to eat the contaminated fish. The fish already has high toxic level from lead usually from ingesting plastic that was composed of by lead the person who eats the fish absorbs the lead that the fish ate. Plants that are near the ocean or are in the ocean start to get contained with these toxins because if the toxin spreads through the water and affects a lot more than just a specific spot. Plants that many sea animals eat will be contaminated with lead and other various chemicals and toxins; the plant will either die or continue to grow while absorbing the

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