Water Pollution And Our Responsibility Essay

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Water pollution and our Responsibility
Our planet is in a state of turmoil so detrimental that future generations populating the earth, our children, grandchildren, will never know the world as we do unless we make change. If this sounds scary, it’s because it is. The facts make the movie WALL-E a terrifying reality rather than a far-fetched theory wrapped in children’s entertainment. Littering and improper disposal of waste products is killing the Earth by polluting water sources faster now than ever before. We lovingly refer to our home, planet Earth, as the “blue planet”, a “marble” if you will. It has received these names from the way our oceans provide such beauty, especially on looking from outer space. It truly is breathtaking with all its beauty. These same oceans, providing such a gorgeous picture of our planet, are the same ones clouded with sewage and covered in floating patches of garbage, thought to be larger than the size of Texas. By recycling and making smart decisions for our planet, individuals can start doing more to protect this precious environment and the world we know today to better preserve a future for mankind as well as have their voice heard to enforce change in others. Recycling reduces water pollution and saves the planet’s natural resources so everyone should make it their civic duty to start.
Questions may be asked such as “Who does water pollution affect?”, “How can tossing out my garbage in the dumpster, like people have been doing for…

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