Essay on Water Is Vital For Life

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Water is crucial to life. It is the “the essential elixir” to life as Cynthia Barnett states in “Our Water Ethic for Florida”. People are told this in elementary school and onwards yet few people truly grasp the truth behind this seemingly simple statement. “We are bound in the memory and mystery of exhilarating, confounding, life-giving rain”, Cynthia Barnett states as she ends the prologue for her book Rain. Water is fundamental to cooking, washing, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, energy production, and waste disposal. Seemingly contrary to its many uses, water itself has a simplistic composition. A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen and one-oxygen atoms. The hydrogen atoms each share an electron with oxygen in a covalent bond. The oxygen atom has a slight negative charge whereas the hydrogen atoms have a slight positive charge. This polarity causes all water molecules to be attracted to one another, causing hydrogen bonds. One of the results of these hydrogen bonds is high cohesion, resulting in high surface tension. Water has the highest cohesion of any non-metallic liquid. Another characteristic making water unique is its ability to transform; water can exist as a solid, liquid, and gas. As Hank Green states in his YouTube video “Water - Liquid Awesome: Crash Course Biology #2”, “it’s the only substance on all of our plant Earth that occurs naturally in solid, liquid, and gas forms.” Hank Green continues to explain that there are more substances that…

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