The Importance Of Water In Chattanooga

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When gardening, there are lots of tasks required to achieve the beautiful desired outcome. Research shows how water distribution is essential to plant growth. Both garden beds at the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy need water, but different amounts. In our area, because of climate change, Chattanooga has a rainfall that alternates between flooding, normal, and drought situations. One way to address this issue of the climate-change conditions, is to use a raised bed, which would be conducive to sprinkler or irrigation system. Water is a major asset to the growth of plants. On the website “Gardening Know How,” Shari Armstrong says that different types of plants require different amounts of water. When outdoor plants are present, one does not have much control over the amount of water they receive; especially when the area gets lots of rain. The gardener 's job is to make sure that the soil has the proper …show more content…
Schmidt, Assistant Extension Horticulturist says how the temperature of water can also affect the growth of the plant. When water that is too hot is added to a plant, the plant dies. For example, the same water used to cook carrots in the kitchen will also cook carrots in the garden. So if a person wants to kill and control weeds and unwanted plants, using hot water would be very effective, but not when trying to grow them. Some plants are more tolerant of hot water than others. Before you try to heat your plants, you should get a probe thermometer to make sure you know the water temperature that you are dumping on your plants. As long as you do not overheat your plant roots and leaves, watering with hot water will have no harmful effect. When you are heat treating plants this is an age-old way of dealing with soil-borne pests, including aphids, scale, mealybugs, and mites. When you are dealing with hot water, the magic temperature for seed disinfection would be about 120 degrees Fahrenheit

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