Essay On Everglades Water Supply

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Did you know that 50% of the original Everglades are either roads are crops? When people first came to Florida they thought it was a useless wetlands so they drained it and used it for crops. Know we need to protect the Everglades.They took away from the Everglades water supply and it keeps decreasing. The water supply has many effects on the Everglades. The water source gives animals and plants what they need to survive and provides drinking water. To begin, animals and plants need the supply of water from the Everglades to survive. The water does not only apply as a drinking source, but it brings life to the jungle! The water is used to grow trees, vines, and plants which can all be used for habitation. The water supply allows food to grow! To sport this, Source 2, “Can We Fix our Water Supply?” ,says, “...water that it [Everglades] and its million of animals inhabit need to survive…” Millions! The Everglades water is for MILLIONS for animals to survive. Know let's say the water supply disappears. Your drinking source, gone. Tree, vines, plants, gone. …show more content…
Imagine this, you just went for a little jog and come back for a glass of water, but the everglades was cut back a bit. You go to get water and nothing comes out. Wow! The everglades is many humans, animals and plants primary source of water. The text, “ Can We Fix the Water Supply” will tell you just how many, “The Everglades which provides water to nearly 7 million people..” 7 million. One small effect on the water supply and it could change 7 million people's lives. That's not even Animals just 7 million human beings. We need to save the Everglades. We did not think that in the future 7 million people would need it. Early americans just thought it was a useless wetland. The Everglades water supply provides 7 million people with a drinking source, and it should not be affected, yet it is affected

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