Water Desalination Essay

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Water Desalination
Water is a prime element responsible for life on earth and it the most important resource. Without water, living creatures cannot survive. Water plays a major role in food security, domestic uses, environmental and ecosystem services and in industrial production. Industrial and domestic sectors use less water as compared to agriculture but recently there is a rapid growth in the usage of water in these two sectors. (Claudia Ringler, 2010) Water covers two thirds of the earth’s surface and the human body consists 75 percent of it. Water scarcity has been on the rise and predictions state that 60% of major cities in the world will run short of water in the next decade. In many parts of the world water usage has continued
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This means that all salt, bacteria and pollution is taken out of the water. This process gives an alternative solution to the increasing rates of water scarcity around the world and also provides clean and pure water for human consumption. (Desalinated Water) This method uses ancient techniques to make water safe for drinking. Due to advancement in technology this process has improved and can now be conducted in large scale. This process produces low salinity water and can be undertaken with several technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO) which is a membrane technology and multi stage flash distillation, mainly used in the Middle East. (Nellen, …show more content…
Water desalination has impacts on the economy and the environment. Water desalination requires a lot of energy and technological advancements. These costs however are dependent on various factors such as the location of the plant, the plant’s capacity, its technology, its energy cost and the intensity of salt in the water. Energy costs are the most expensive in the process of desalination. The cost of desalinating water has reduced recently due to increased improvements to technology and competition in the market. These costs may continue to decrease as the need of fresh water rises. (Desalination: A Viable Answer to Deal with Water Crises?,

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