Essay about Water And Sanitation For Health

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After the United States voiced their support to assist developing countries get cleaner water and have better sanitation the United Nations made a declaration. They declared 1981 to 1990 the “International Water Supply and Sanitation Decade”. During this decade the “US Agency for International Development” (A.I.D) created a program called “Water and Sanitation for Health” (W.A.S.H). WASH, along with many other projects, helped provide 600 million more people with a drinkable water supply and 360 million more people with sanitation during the International Water Supply and Sanitation Decade (Lessons Learned from the WASH Project: Ten Years of Water and Sanitation Experience in Developing Countries). More importantly, as a result of the Decade, people who work with water and sanitation in developing countries learned what was and was not working. The WASH staff learned nineteen lessons over the course of the projects they worked on. They learned lessons that dealt with establishing and operating a technical system and lessons from the field. All of them could be divided into 4 categories: technical assistance, effective linkage, system sustainability and shared responsibility. The lessons they learned can also be applied to a majority of water supply and sanitation projects in the rural parts of developing countries. They learned that technical assistance is most successful when it helps people learn to do things for themselves in the long run (Lessons Learned…

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