Was Thomas Jefferson Was An Incredible Man? Essay

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APUSH Jeffersonian Era Paper Thomas Jefferson was an incredible man. He is famous for writing the Declaration of Independence and for being the third president of the United States. Jefferson was also a gardener, father, designer and thinker, who believed in the rights of men. Jefferson 's early years helped shape his life. His mother was Jane Randolph Jefferson, the daughter of a well-known Virginia family. When Thomas was fourteen, Peter Jefferson died. When Jefferson was twenty-six years old, he began building Monticello. New Year 's Day 1772, Jefferson married Martha Wayles Skelton. Jefferson described his marriage to Martha as being ten years of happiness our years later, Jefferson became the President of the United States. Sadly in 1804, while Jefferson was president, his youngest daughter Mary died. The election that brought Jefferson to the presidency had been bitterly contested by the two political parties, Federalists and Republicans, and only finally terminated on 17 February in the choice by the House of Representatives between himself and his Republican running mate, Burr. Believing that the mass of Americans, regardless of party, were fundamentally united in their political sentiments, Jefferson hoped to extinguish the strife, hatred, and fanaticism the spirit of European politics that had rocked the Republic during its first decade. The new president looked to the disappearance of parties and "a perfect consolidation of political sentiments" as…

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