Was Sandro Chia Successful Or Not? Essay

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Was Sandro Chia successful or not? Sandro Chia had once felt that in his own right, he was not. Chia wanted to be the rock star of art not just well know. He blamed certain circumstances on others of his ruined reputation and the low value of the work in the art market. But his artwork may not have fit with the shaping of the times and the decline of the short-lived art movement he was associated with. Even, Art dealers said that Chia was not producing masterpieces that others were at the time. Many of these concepts could have contributed to the decline in popularity of Chia artwork. Truth is, many artists were born in the 1940’s but Sandro Chia came with an interesting story to tell through the decades. He was born in 1946 in Florence, Italy and studied the arts at Istituto d’Arte and Accademia di Belle Arti where he graduated in 1969. Starting in the early 1980’s for two decades, he settled in New York. Currently, he lives between Miami, Rome, and his Castello Romitorio winemaking estate in Montalcino. Throughout his career, that covered fifty years, he exhibited in many important museums and galleries. Some main achievements include showings in Biennale of Paris, San Paolo, and the Venice Biennale. Sandro Chia expanded beyond his work in paintings, drawings, and sculptures with his world-famous award-winning Brunello winemaking (Chia). Even though his art career appears to be successful, he did not feel that it was as successful as it should have been due to…

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